What is Airdrop coin? Is there a scam? Can I receive free coins?

What is Airdrop coin? A concept that has been around since 2018 in the crypto market. This is a form for newcomers who want to enter the market but have no capital, with this form you can sign up for quests to receive free cryptocurrencies from the project developer. This article will explain the concept and give you basic information to help you visualize more generally.

Airdrop coin

1 – What is Airdrop coin?

Airdrop, if translated, means that the sky is falling, things are free, distributed for free but are bound by the basic conditions.

In the crypto market, the airdrop means that project developers will issue free tokens to the participants on the mission.

They will have to do the tasks of the project developer as required: register an account, introduce friends to participate, like to share posts on social networks, … Then you will receive free tokens. .

When these tokens are listed on an exchange, they have value and are called coins. Now you can sell that coin to get money to use.

But why is the project developer giving you free tokens ???. Because this is a form of promotional campaign aimed at attracting interest from the community to know the project more.

When more people join the project and hold a large amount of tokens, it increases the value of their tokens. Not only that, but their desire is to token be listed on the exchange.

2 – Is airdrop coin scam?

According to the information above, it feels like this is a bargain. Yes, this is a great deal but there are also instances where you run into unsuccessful projects.

As a result, you spend effort promoting these projects but in the end the tokens you receive are not valuable.

In addition to unsuccessful projects, there will also exist fraudulent projects. These are bogus projects that require participants to provide them with a “Private Key” of a crypto wallet. Eventually you lose money in your wallet.

3 – Conditions required when doing Airdrop

To be able to participate in the airdrop, you need to meet the following conditions:

Have a personal facebook account.

Having a Twitter account, the better the engagement the better.

Have an email account. You should register for a separate email account just to make the airdrop unrelated to other important accounts.

Having a Medium account, this will be the place to update project information.

Having a telegram account, this is a popular secure chat application used to exchange information in the crypto market.

With an ETH wallet, you can create a wallet on Myetherwallet or use the Metamask add-on.

Having a LinkedIn account, project members will update their profile information and experience here.

Have an account on bitcointalk forum.

Some other accounts such as: instagram, github, discord.

4 – Notes on doing Airdrop coin

Do not send your identity verification information (personal papers, passport, driver’s license) to the project to receive the airdrop.

Do not use the same password for airdrop projects.

Do not share the “private key” of the crypto wallet to the project.

Do not send crypto like “Bitcoin, Ethereum, …” to airdrop projects.

Do not reply to private messages from strange telegram accounts.

A separate mail should be used to register for an airdrop wallet.

5 – Disadvantages of Airdrop?

Everything for not sometimes also many pitfalls.

Airdrops are really easy to do but will take a lot of your time, because you have to do daily tasks, track daily project information.

Doing an airdrop does not bring you knowledge about the crypto investment market.

Airdrops are being overused, leading to technology trash.

The time of 2018 is the golden age of airdrop. But it has been overused, sharing information about the project is rampant, while the people who share it do not understand the nature of the project and the nature of the token.

6 – Where to find Airdrop projects

If you want to learn about airdrop projects, you can refer to the following websites:



7 – Should Airdrop or not?

If you are a person with little capital and no money to invest in crypto, an airdrop coin is a form of making money without initial investment. You only spend time learning and doing the project tasks required to receive their tokens. In general, this is also a good opportunity for you to make money.

8 – Conclusion

Through this article, we hope you will understand what is the form of airdrop coin and have a more comprehensive view of this form.

All remaining decisions are up to you. If you decide to participate in receiving tokens in this form, please remember the notes mentioned in this article.

If you see a good article, please share it with your friends to know too!

Good luck.

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