The best crypto exchanges – Review of Binance and Remitano exchanges

In today’s article, will evaluate the two best crypto exchanges that are interested and used by the crypto community – Binance and Remitano. With these 2 exchanges, investors can feel secure and trust trading with different types of Crypto.

best crypto exchanges

With these 2 exchanges all having different advantages and disadvantages, will evaluate in detail so that investors have an overview and choose the most suitable exchange for themselves.

1 – Binance – Prestigious and best crypto exchange today

Binance has been a familiar name with professional crypto investors. Founded in 2017, the Binance exchange is one of the biggest brothers in the crypto trend. Especially about IEO – the service of selling tokens right on exchanges.

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1.1 – Advantages

1.1.1 – Number of pairs of transactions every day

Among today’s crypto exchanges, Binance is the best crypto exchange with the largest number of trading pairs. With over 170 coins and 610 trading pairs of all kinds of tokens.

1.1.2 – Great trading volume

In 2020, the world economy has faced many difficulties due to epidemics and economic downturn is inevitable. But in the cryptocurrency market there is a significant change.

Cryptocurrency investors have poured their capital into the crypto market. From here you can see a huge shift in public perception about cryptocurrencies.

The performance of the crypto market on the Binance exchange with such massive traffic over the past year:

Total trading volume: More than 3000 billion USDT

Trading volume (24h): more than 52 billion USDT

1.1.3 – Multi-language support

As one of the best crypto exchanges in the world, Binance supports many different languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, …

In addition, the exchange Binance has also prepared answers to help you overcome the problems you encounter as quickly as possible. You can search for the answer to your problem. In particular, if the problem you encountered is not in the list of available answers, you can contact the Binance support team directly.

1.1.4 – Deposit and withdraw money on Binance easily

Binance platform supports many different deposit and withdrawal methods, so customers can choose the right transaction form when participating.

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Currently, with an upgraded version, the best crypto exchange Binance has 10 times faster processing speed and the ability to handle 100 times more transaction volume compared to the old version.

When you have problems in depositing and withdrawing money, you just need to contact the support staff directly, and you will be dealt with immediately. This also helps investors peace of mind that trading options on the Binance floor.

1.1.5 – Diverse transaction forms

Binance has a full range of Spot trading, Futures trading, Margin Trading, along with trading orders such as Market, Limit, stop – limit, OCO.

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1.1.6 – Transaction limit

Based on client levels, Binance has different transaction limits:

Level 1 (Unverified account): transaction / 2 BTC / 24h

Level 2 (Verified account): 100 BTC per 24h / transaction / withdrawal

Level 3 (for VIP): more than 100 BTC per hour

For those who are just starting out in the crypto market, it might just be level 1 and you don’t need account verification.

However, to ensure the safety of your account, you should still verify KYC. The way to perform is also simple and not too complicated, you can refer to the following tutorials:

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1.1.7 – Best crypto exchange because SAFU insurance fund

A plus point for Binance exchange is the Risk Insurance Fund for Users (SAFU – Secure Asset Fund of Users). Binance exchange will deduct 10% of the profits earned from transaction fees to put into the SAFU Fund.

In cases of risks, user accounts are affected by the hacking of the Binance exchange, SAFU Fund will be used to insure users. For example, in May 2019, the Binance exchange was hacked API. Binance has extracted money from the SAFU Fund to pay affected users.

Therefore, Binance is the safest and best crypto exchange for crypto investors.

1.1.8 – Binance exchange is a diverse crypto ecosystem

More than simply a crypto exchange, Binance is an ecosystem that includes:

+  Crypto exchange:

+ Decentralized exchange: Binance DEX

+ Binance’s own blockchain: Binance Chain

1.2 – Disadvantages

Binance is a major crypto exchange in the world, so it is inevitable to be targeted by hackers.

Up to this point, the Binance exchange has been under 3 attacks. In July 2018, hacker broke into the server and took away 96 BTC. For the second time, hackers took advantage of an API vulnerability to attack and take away 7,074 BTC. And the most recent time was May 2019, Binance was hacked with 1 SYS equivalent to 96 BTC.

With these attacks, investors on the Binance exchange were also more or less affected, but with the SAFU Fund, Binance helped Binance fix the damage to investors quickly. Therefore, Binance is still the best crypto exchange in the cryptocurrency market.

1.3 – Transaction fee and liquidity calculation

1.3.1 – Transaction fee

In today’s exchanges, Binance is considered to be cheaper than other exchanges. A 0.1% fee applies for spot and margin trades. Especially, when using BNB, you will receive a discount on transaction fees up to 25%. Low transaction fees also apply to Binance Future.

best crypto exchanges

1.3.2 – Liquidity calculation

One of the factors that makes Binance the best crypto exchange is its high liquidity. With the huge volume of transactions on Binance, it is easier to buy and sell large amounts of coins.

2 – Is the Remitano crypto exchange reputable?

You are new to the cryptocurrency market. You still do not have much experience in finding a safe and reputable broker. You are wondering whether to register for trading on Remitano or not.

Then rest assured because Remitano is no longer a strange name in the crypto investment world. This is an exchange trading and trading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, USDT, LTC under the P2P mechanism.

Founded by Babylon Solution Limited in the Seychelles. Currently, Remitano trading floor has been widely used in many countries around the world such as USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Campodia, Vietnam, China, …

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2.1 – Advantages

Here are the advantages of Remitano that have made it the best crypto exchange trusted by many to trade:

2.1.1 – Safety level:

The security of user accounts has always been focused on by Remitano. If you look at the history of the Remitano exchange, you can see that there have been no incidents since its inception.

2.1.2 – Security level:

The cryptocurrency market is an environment with potential risks from being hacked. Therefore, safety and security are always on top priority. To ensure the security of customer accounts, Remitano used 2FA and via email.

2FA security is a form of high security, when logging in to the account, the password and confirmation code are sent to the phone via the Google Authenticator app.

Especially when making a withdrawal transaction, you need to verify your identity before you can perform. This helps to reduce possible cases of fraud.

In addition, Remitano also allows buyers and sellers to review each other’s records before making a transaction. Profiles are responses to reviews from other buyers and sellers who have transacted with a particular person.

With such a high level of security, Remitano is one of the best crypto exchanges available today.

2.1.3 – Trading platform

With a simple and friendly design, Remitano brings the best experience to users. For those who are not familiar with technology, they can easily manipulate transactions on Remitano.

In addition to the website platform, Remitano also has an application for the two operating systems iOS and Androi, which makes it convenient for you to trade anytime, anywhere.

2.1.4 – User support

Remitano has multilingual support, up to more than 60 languages, making it easy for users to use. Therefore, users can email the support team directly for quick troubleshooting.

2.2 – Disadvantages

Remitano is the best crypto exchange with a sizable trading volume with a large number of participants. So overload is possible, so sometimes the Remitano team support is not fast. This problem can be gradually overcome in the future.

In addition, Remitano’s transaction fees are quite high compared to other exchanges.

2.3 – Transaction fee and liquidity calculation

Trading fee: When making or selling transactions to buy or sell coins on Remitano, there will be a fee of 1% / total coin purchase or sale. The 1% fee applies generally to 6 coins currently on the exchange: BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC. However, there is no fee to the creators of the ad, but the creation of the sale will only be made when someone else buys or sells matching your order.

The deposit and withdrawal fee is calculated as the table below:

Remitano exchange

High liquidity because the trading volume is at a stable level. For the P2P exchange, the liquidity of Remitano is quite good.

3 – Conclusion

Hopefully, this article will help you choose the best crypto exchange according to your desires and needs. When you first enter the crypto market, to avoid unnecessary losses, you can only trade in small amounts first. When you become more proficient and experienced, you should invest in large numbers. With the Vietnamese market, Binance and Remitano are two crypto exchanges with a lot of participants, you can consider between these two exchanges. Wish you success.

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