Binance Guide is a category that will synthesize articles that will guide you through technical operations on the Binance trading platform, helping newcomers to use this exchange proficiently.

1.Introduction of the Binance exchange

Binance is an exchange founded in July 2017 by Mr. ChangPeng Zhao is a native of China with Canadian nationality. He used to work at and was also a co-founder of OKcoin exchange.

In July 2017, Binance raised money and raised $ 15 million through an ICO. The reason this project was attracted quickly was because of the good profile of Mr. ChangPeng Zhao.

In the past, Binance exchange used to be based in China, Hong Kong, Japan. But as cryptocurrency regulations are tightened by these countries, Binance’s headquarters are currently located in Malta.

2.The disadvantages of the Binance exchange

2.1 Advantages

Multi-language support.

There is a support team on Telegram.

Small transactions do not need KYC.

There is a fund to protect the participants’ assets.

2.2 Disadvantages

Difficult to use interface for beginners.

3. Advice

The cryptocurrency market is highly profitable but the risks are also high. Please always remember, this is a form of venture capital, please equip yourself with the background before joining.

4.Register for a Binance account

To avoid visiting fake pages you can register for an account by CLICK HERE to register at the main page.