Binance Research: Overview of exchanges Binance

Today, the popularity of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is quite wide, so novice investors may also have heard of the Binance exchange. Although the starting point of the Binance exchange originated in China, this is an exchange that is highly appreciated by international organizations for its prestige. This article will help you Binance research well as providing the latest information on this trading exchange.

binance research

Who founded the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Changpeng Zhao (also known as CZ) – CEO of Beiji Technology is the founder of Binance cryptocurrency exchange. In particular, Changpeng Zhao also held the position of Senior Manager of the Blockchain Development Division and was also a co-founder of OKCoin.

changpeng zhao binance ceo

When was a Binance cryptocurrency exchange founded?

According to Binance research, in early July 2017, Binance was raised capital through the form of ICO (Intial Coin Offering) – This is a popular form of fundraising used by startups who want to provide crypto and blockchain related products and services.

Because of the tremendous profile of CEO Changpeng Zhao, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange project has attracted great attention from the community. Binance research, we know that within 21 days from July 1 to July 21, 2017, Binance has successfully raised a capital of $ 15 million with more than 20,000 account registrations in the early days of its founding. So Binance cryptocurrency exchange was officially established in July 2017. The early days of establishment, Binance cryptocurrency exchange is located in Shanghai, China but as China began to tighten crypto regulation, Binance moved headquarters to Hong Kong and Japan.

But in March 2018, to avoid legal troubles in Japan, Binance once again moved headquarters from Japan to the island nation of Malta.

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Learn about Binance’s strengths

In addition to cryptocurrency exchanges, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange offers other services: Binance Futures, deposit idle crypto and receive interest with Binance Savings, create passive income with Binance Staking, increase income for miners.

Among today’s crypto exchanges, Binance is the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange, just 0.1% / transaction. Especially, if you use BNB to make transactions, the fee is only 0.05% / transaction. BNB is a coin issued by Binance itself to support the development of Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Today, there are more than 740 crypto and fiat trading pairs every day including currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB on the Binance Spot platform. With modern technology, Binance cryptocurrency exchange easily processes 1.4 million orders per second. Up to now, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with more than 3 million visits every day on the website platform.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has multilingual support. So up to now, Binance has attracted a large number of investors to trade, the number of people switching to cryptocurrency trading on Binance is increasing sharply every day, at the time of writing the 24 hour trading volume on binance is $ 5.9 billion.

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Up to this point, there are many crypto exchanges established but when it comes to safety and reliability, Binace cryptocurrency exchange is still the best choice. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with high security, built with many features that benefit crypto investors.

We hope that the information, learn about Binance This will help you have the best choice for finding a safe and best cryptocurrency investment platform.

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