eToro Exchange – The basics of eToro

If you’ve ever been interested in US stocks, you’ve probably heard of the eToro exchange as well. This is a famous forex and CFD exchange in more than 130 countries around the world. With eToro’s platform, you can easily invest in Forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

eToro exchange

This article provides details about the eToro exchange.

1 – eToro is a reputable exchange

1.1 – When was eToro founded?

In 2006, eToro was officially established in Israel, known as the developer of financial business technology RetailFX. eToro is the world’s pioneering social trading platform. In 2010, eToro exchange officially introduced the concept of social trading to the world. This has helped revolutionize the way online transactions are being done today.

1.2 – Certificates and licenses of eToro Exchange

eToro is a brokerage platform offered by eToro (Europe) Ltd. This is a Cyprus investment company in the Republic of Cyprus that has been registered for business with the registration number HE20058.

In addition, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Authority (CySEC) has also certified the eToro exchange with the trading license number 109/10 and eToro (UK) Ltd – a UK company with company registration number 7973792. .

In the UK, eToro is authorized and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (CFA). eToro (Europe) Ltd and eToro (UK) Ltd operate and comply with the Financial Markets Directive (MiFID).

1.3 – eToro trading platform – an online investment social network

eToro is one of the leading online exchanges in the world over 10 years old. Currently, eToro has more than 11 million users from more than 140 countries.

eToro is a social network that creates a community of investors with transparent information that makes it easy for users to exchange, learn and automatically copy another investor’s trades. The entire transaction process is public, updated and honest. This has made eToro an exchange trusted and used by many people.

2 – eToro exchange offers an investment solution with a wide variety of products

Products that investors can trade on the eToro exchange:

Stocks, with exchanges such as New York Tech, NYSE, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid.

+ Stock index (Indies): a composite index of leading stock groups of exchanges: DJ300, NSDQ100, UK100, JPN225

+ Other materials such as gold, silver, oil …

+ Money market: USD, Euro, CAD, RUB, JPY

+ ETF fund

+ Electronic money market: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, …

eToro exchange

3 – Advantages and disadvantages of eToro

3.1 – Advantages:

User-friendly interface, especially for beginners, does not need to spend too much time learning.

+ Professional charting system, making it easy to track market movements.

+ Support multi-channel investment

+ An intuitive reporting and tracking system that helps you manage your assets easily.

+ Flexible leverage system to increase profits.

+ The system of automatic stop-loss and profit-taking right after placing trading orders helps to limit risks.

+ Is a social network system that publishes transactions and results of members, allowing you to learn and exchange with other investors.

+ Multi-language support

3.2 – Disadvantages:

+ Less news and research materials

+ Does not support trading tools such as robots or extension indicators

Lack of trading account options means that there is no choice of trading accounts that will suit traders of different levels of experience.

4 – Fees at the eToro exchange

4.1 – Transaction fee

Commissions for transactions including metals or indices, stocks are not charged.

The special thing is that eToro allows users to buy and own real shares from the US stock exchange and still enjoy the same dividends as US shareholders. This makes eToro the ideal choice for long-term investors looking to participate in international stock markets.

4.2 – Deposit and withdrawal fee

Although the transaction is free, but the investor is charged $ 25 / withdrawal fee. Therefore, eToro exchange is not suitable for investors who want to withdraw money continuously, but for investors with capital over 1000 $ and want to seriously invest, it is perfectly suitable.

4.3 – Payment method

To support international client groups, eToro has provided a variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals such as:

+ Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Diners)

+ E-wallets Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, China UnionPay, Yandex, WebMoney

eToro exchange

5 – Conclusion

If you are in the group of investors below, you should choose the eToro exchange:

+ Beginners investing and are looking for the easiest exchange to learn from

+ Investors in securities or stock indexes, eToro is the best choice

+ Investors in the cryptocurrency market.

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