Etoro Guide is a category that provides information and technical instruction to help newbies easily use the Etoro trading platform.

1. Introduce Etoro

Etoro is a financial trading platform that is currently being sold by 13 investors in 170 countries around the world. At this platform you can buy and sell US stocks, Buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Etherum, …

According to find out, Etoro is of Europe and is registered by the CIF company. Etoro is regulated by the CySEC Securities and Exchange Commission regulation

At Etoro there is the CopyTrade function, which is very popular among inexperienced investors. This function means that you will follow and follow other successful investors on the exchange.

2.Etoro exchange disadvantages

2.1 Advantages

Multi-language support interface.

Etoro is under the control of the jurisdictions, always obeying the regulations.

2.2 Disadvantages

A minimum deposit of 100 $ is required to open a trading account.

3. Advice

Investing in financial markets always has a chance to increase your wealth. But this is a form of venture capitalism, because if you don’t have solid knowledge you run the risk of manipulating your assets. Before deciding to invest, hone your foundation knowledge.

4.Register for an Etoro account

To avoid accessing fake website, you CLICK HERE to register for an account at Etoro’s main page.