Learn about Remitano exchange – The best cryptocurrency exchange 2021

Currently, the Remitano exchange is a well-known name in the world cryptocurrency market. This is one of the reputable names and high safety when doing cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore, for those who are just starting to participate in the cryptocurrency market, you should not ignore the Remitano exchange. This article will provide you with basic and useful information about Remitano.

Remitano exchange

1 – What is Remitano?

Remitano is a P2P exchange and one of the biggest crypto exchanges today. Where you can use fiat money to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT) and Ripple (XRP) easily and quickly with simple operations. Remitano exchange is currently a good choice for crypto investors.

2 – Who founded Remitano?

In 2014, the Remitano exchange was officially established in the Seychelles by Babylon Solutions Limited.

Currently, Remitano trading floor is widely used in countries around the world such as America, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Campodia, Vietnam,….

3 – Is the Remitano exchange reputable?

With 8 years of operation and trusted by many users around the world, we can also see the prestige of the Remitano exchange.

One thing about Remitano exchange that makes users happy is that the exchange rate is very good. With Remitano you can buy coins at a low price and sell at a higher price.

The transactions in Remitano exchange completely safe and secure. This can be a good choice for you when trading at Remitano.

4 – Advantages and disadvantages of exchanges Remitano

4.1 – Advantages

Remitano exchange meets 2 criteria for traders that is extremely easy operation when making transactions and absolute security.

Remitano website is designed to be simple and user-friendly. For those who are not tech-savvy, they can still easily manipulate transactions on it.

Especially the 24/7 support of the Remitano exchange team. The chat box system supports multiple languages, so you can talk directly with the consulting team no matter which country you come from.

Already have the app on the phone for both iOS and Android.

High security features, Remitano has Authy security function to prevent your account from being compromised. As long as you turn on Authy, every time you buy or sell coins, you will receive notification via email and phone.

4.2 – Disadvantages

Obviously, any exchanges will always exist first few downsides. Although the Remitano exchange has many advantages, there are still issues such as:

The transaction fee is slightly higher than other exchanges.

A confirmation order is required to receive money from the seller

With these disadvantages, the Remitano exchange is still a good choice for you.

5 – What is the transaction fee on the Remitano exchange?

Here are 3 types of transaction fees: purchase / sale transaction fee, coin deposit fee and withdrawal fee. If you withdraw USD to your bank account, you will also be charged a USD withdrawal fee.

5.1 – Coin sale transaction fee

Coin sale transaction fee: 1% / total transaction amount. But if you are the one who creates the sale or buy, there is no fee, whether to buy or sell.

5.2 – Coin deposit and withdrawal fee

Here is a table of deposit and withdrawal fees

Remitano exchange

5.3 – USD deposit and withdrawal fee

There is no fee when you deposit USD into an exchange. But if you do bank transfers, the fees will depend on the bank in which you use their services.

6 – Some other questions about exchanges Remitano

6.1 – Should verify the account before the start of trading on Remitano not?

The answer is yes. You will be asked to verify your identity with photo identification before making a purchase of Bitcoin on the Remitano exchange.

6.2 – How to login without password?

This is a new form of login using Password – less login technique. When you log into Remitano, you will receive a login link sent to the email, not asking for a password like the old way. If you do not log in within 15 minutes, the link will be invalid.

6.3 – How to deposit and withdraw USD money from Remitano wallet

Remitano exchange allows you to deposit and withdraw VND from Remitano wallet. You can deposit money into Remitano’s wallet from your bank account and when withdrawing money from your wallet, you only need to verify your account with your identification.

6.4 – Is enabling Authy security on Remitano necessary?

The answer is Yes. 2-layer security will keep your account safe and avoid intrusion.

The implementation is also quite simple, just download the Authy or Authenticator app to your phone to perform a secure operation on the Remitano exchange.

Real trading of cryptocurrencies at Remitano for investors is a very convenient thing. The transaction speed at Remitano is also quite fast, the transaction is also convenient and easier. Hope that through this article will help you have the best choice when deciding to participate in the cryptocurrency market.


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