Remitano’s Guide is a category that provides informative articles and guides you through technical manipulation, making it easy for those who are new to using this remitano trading platform.

1.Introduction of Remitano

Remitano Exchange currently operates in 58 countries developed by Babylon Solutions Limited, headquartered in Seychelles country in East Africa.

According to statistics from SimilarWeb shows that the number of users accessing the Remitano exchange the most are from Vietnam 80%, Malaysia 10%, Nigeria 2%, the US 2%, other countries 6%.

According to find out, this exchange was established in 2014. Thus, you can see that Remitano’s age is quite long.

2.Disadvantages Remitano Exchange


App support on mobile.

Multi-language support.

24/7 support for traders.


Long transaction confirmation.

High transaction fees.


This is a highly profitable market x2 x3 assets but the risk is also high, before deciding to venture into this market, you should equip yourself with solid background knowledge.

4.Register for a Remitano account

To avoid mistaken access to fake websites, you CLICK HERE to access the homepage and create an account.