The strange move of Twitter CEO on the birthday of father of Bitcoin

Twitter CEO Dorsey re-posted a link to the article, along with a photo of a 6102 birthday cake, confusing many people.

Twitter CEO Dorsey

On April 6, CEO Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin fan like Elon Musk, he unexpectedly re-shared a link to an article on Twitter to celebrate the birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is considered the “father” of virtual currency Bitcoin.

What attracts public attention is that besides the title “Today is the 46th birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto”, the head of Twitter attached an image of a cake with the Bitcoin symbol with the number 6102. So what exactly does 6102 mean?

88 years ago, to effectively promote America’s economic recovery during the Great Depression, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed and enacted Government Bill 6102 (Ordinance 6102), which states that citizens are not allowed to own private gold. Americans quickly sold their gold to the government at the then official price of 20.67 USD / ounce (0.82 taels), helping the Federal Reserve fulfill its plan to buy gold on a large scale.

The 1934 Gold Reserve Act was signed by President Roosevelt on January 30, 1934, and the date on which the government enforced Act 6102 coincidentally was the registration birthday of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. In addition, he also selected 1975 as the year of his registered birthday, that year Act 6102 was abolished.

According to speculation, this choice demonstrates Satoshi Nakamoto’s understanding of how historical handling of the US government’s monetary policy is and its impact on the people. Satoshi Nakamoto’s 1975 birth year symbolizes the government’s cessation of currency control, and the emergence of Bitcoin could actually play this role.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by someone believed to have a pseudonym or the people who developed Bitcoin, the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, while also implementing Bitcoin’s original reference. Nakamoto also invented the first blockchain database

Nakamoto has never disclosed any personal information when discussing technical issues, although there are times when commenting on fractional reserve banking and banking. On his P2P Foundation filing in 2012, Nakamoto claimed to be a 37-year-old male living in Japan. But some people speculate that he is not Japanese, due to his ability to use English at a local level and Bitcoin software is not recorded or labeled in Japanese.

Doubts remain about Nakamoto’s true identity, but most people agree that he is the “father” of Bitcoin. And the recent strange move of Twitter CEO may have a big impact on Bitcoin’s price movement in the near future.

A quick survey of the Bitcoin market over the past few days shows that the value of the virtual currency fell to $ 56,908 on April 5, the second low of the week. Immediately after Jack Dorsey’s share, Bitcoin broke out of the $ 59,292 mark and gradually moved down to $ 57,698 today April 7.

Previously, billionaire Elon Musk also made speculators go from disappointment to disappointment because it was impossible to predict what Tesla boss wanted to do. Elon Musk’s tweets sometimes make Bitcoin go crazy, but sometimes Tesla’s fortune evaporates billions of dollars.

In addition, the US government’s move related to the promotion of virtual currency surveillance like Bitcoin is getting attention. It is not clear after the hearing with Big Tech in Congress at the end of March, will there be new policies to tighten the controls such as Ordinance 6102 or the mechanism to regulate the floating virtual currency? Especially with the lack of goodwill from Janet Yellen, the 78th US Treasury Secretary, Bitcoin’s destiny will certainly be decided soon.

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