What is trash coin? Should you invest to make a profit from trash coin?

What is trash coin? Should invest to make a profit from trash coins or not? These are newly born coins that have not been listed on an exchange and have a market capitalization of less than US $ 100 million. In this article, we will help you understand more about “trash coin”.

trash coin

1 – What is trash coin

Trash coins are not discarded coins or useless coins. The term “trash coin” refers to the newly born coins, few people know, have not been communicated, have not been on major exchanges, have low trading volume and market capitalization below 100 million USD.

In general, coins with a capitalization of less than 100 million US dollars are considered by investors as “trash coins”.

trash coin

2 – Should you invest to make a profit from trash coin?

With trash coins will often be suitable for short-term investment, also known as short-term surfing trade coin to make a profit.

Profits from trash coins will be very high in a short time that can x10 x20 times their value after being listed on a large exchange.

However, its risk is also very high, not everyone who participates in trash coin investment will win, there are still many cases of losing money.

To be able to invest in trash coins, you must be someone who can research project information, capture information quickly, and understand technology.

If you are not a keen person to grasp information and you are a follower of “eat well with durable clothes”, you should not participate in investing in these trash coins.

3 – Where to find trash coin

Trash coins that aren’t on an exchange can be found on bitcointalk.org in the “Announcements” sections.

trash coin

New trash coin on the exchange, you can search at coinmarketcap.com page in the section “cryptocurrencies” -> “rencently added”.

4 – What should be prepared to invest?

First you need to have a bank account registered with your own first and last name. Your bank account is registered to use internet banking and sms banking services.

Next, you need to register a Binance account so that after the trash coins are on the Binance exchange, you transfer the junk coins to sell or transfer the bitcoin balance to convert the trash coins from another exchange.

5 – Note when investing

If you are interested in investing in trash coins to make a profit, you should note the following few things.

Use only the idle money, the acceptable amount can be lost to invest in trash coins.

Please study carefully the information of the projects, from which you rely on the project’s database and information from the community to evaluate the potential of trash coins.

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