What is TWT Coin? Basic information about TWT Coin you need to know

What is TWT Coin? When you join the market crypto surely you’ll hear mentioned TWT Coin, but you do not know what it is. This is a private token of Trust wallet in the Binance Chain ecosystem. For better understanding, please continue to read the information below of this article!

twt coin

1 – What is TWT Coin?

TWT Coin is essentially an acronym for the phrase Trust Wallet Token. This is a private token of the Trust Wallet wallet. When this token is officially listed on the exchange, investors will call it coin.

2 – What is the purpose of using TWT Coin?

TWT is used for the following purposes:

Use to purchase cryptocurrencies and reduce service costs on the DEX platform.

Use for Dapp review campaigns and commercial campaigns.

3 – What is Trust Wallet?

So you know that TWT Coin is the private token of the Trust Wallet wallet, right. So now let’s learn more about Trust Wallet wallet.

Trust Wallet is an online crypto wallet acquired by Binance in 2018, used to store cryptocurrencies. This is a soft wallet, which means that you will store your “private key” and cryptocurrencies on an online internet environment.

Soft wallets are completely different from hard wallets in that they store crypto, soft wallets store online and hard wallets store offline.

It is like you store data on a USB then you put it away, without the internet no hacker can hack your hardware wallet, except when you plug it into a computer with internet.

3.1 – What platforms does Trust Wallet support?

TW supports storing crypto on many platforms such as:

BTC (bitcoin).

BEP2 (Binance Chain).

ERC-20, ERC732 (Ethereum).

EOS, NEO, TomoChain, USDT, XRP, TRX.

3.2 – The purpose of Trust Wallet was born

Trust Wallet was created to be used for the following purposes:

Store cryptocurrencies in the market.

Staking coin on Trust Wallet.

Trade or trade right on the wallet.

Dapps can be used right on the wallet.

Allows storing NFT tokens collection in Trust Wallet.

3.3 – What are the advantages of Trust Wallet?

Supports over 300,000 tokens of more than 50 blockchain types.

Tokens stored on the wallet can be used to participate in activities such as Staking, Trade, Game Dapp.

Managed by Binance, it is the Top 1 exchange in the world in the crypto market.

There is a separate token issuance, TWT as mentioned above.

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4 – Frequently asked questions about TWT coin

Does TWT Coin have the potential or not ?: This is a very reputable Trust Wallet token that is well received by the crypto investment community. In addition, this is a product that was acquired and managed by the big Binance. Then surely in the future the potential of the token is also potential.

Where can the TWT Coin currently be traded ?: Currently you can trade TWT on the Binance exchange and on the Trust Wallet wallet.

Does Trust Wallet have a community ?: TW currently has a community on telegram that supports many different languages.

Does Trust Wallet support multiple coins ?: Supports more than 300,000 tokens and more than 50 different Blockchains.

Has Trust Wallet been hacked ?: since its launch until 4/2021, there is no information reporting that TW has been hacked.

5 – Conclusion

TWT Coin is a Trust Wallet token, which is one of the most popular online crypto storage wallets in the investment community.

Hope the information in this article helps you to answer questions and understand the concepts in the crypto market.

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