How to verify a successful Binance account

Verify Binance account to be able start trading crypto and can withdraw more than 2 BTC binance daily exchanges. If you don’t know how to verify the KYC or verified but is denied, read this tutorial.

How to verify a successful Binance account

1. What is binance?

Currently, Binance is the world’s largest Crypto exchange, established in 2017 by Mr Changpeng Zhao – Chinese Canadian people.

The Binance was trusted by the Crypto investment community all over the world because of Mr. Changpeng Zhao’s prestige, along with his previous experience in the field of Crypto.

To learn more about Binance you can check out the article below => Binance Research: Overview of exchanges Binance

2. Instructions for registering a Binance account and how to buy Bitcoin from A-Z

If you don’t know how to sign up for a Binance account, please see the detailed instructions of below:

>>> How to create a Binance account and how to trade Bitcoin

Or you can quickly register here

3. Benefits when verifying Binance accounts

Actually, after you have registered a binance account, you can trade crypto or deposit USDT, BTC, ETH. But your account is only level 1 and is limited to 2 BTC withdrawals per day.
According to the crypto investment community, most encourage you to verify your KYC identity for your account to upgrade to level 2 so that you can increase your withdrawal limit of 100 BTC / day and have your account protected every time you trade.

4. Step by step instructions how to verify your account successfully Binance

4.1 –  Step 1: Secure Account 2FA Binance

Before verifying your account, you need to enable 2-layer security, Binance supports security with the following 3 methods:

Secure with the Google Authenticator App.

Secure by SMS sending codes over phone numbers.

Secure by email.

Ok. Now we will begin to manipulate security.

4.1.1 – Secure with App google authenticator

First you need to access Binance, in the account you choose “security”.

How to verify a successful Binance account

Here you click on the “On” in the “Google Authentication” section.

How to verify a successful Binance account

Open your phone to install the “google authenticator” app and then press the “next” button.

How to verify a successful Binance account

After installation is complete, you open the Google Authenticator app on and select the icon “+” -> “Scan barcode”.

How to verify a successful Binance account

Now you scan the QR code that binance displays on the computer screen, then you will receive a 6-digit code snippet in the app.

How to verify a successful Binance account

To the third step, binance gives you the recovery code, so save this code in a secret place. Note: this code is very important, you should not ignore it. This code will be used in case you lose your phone or delete App google authenticator.

Next, Binance asks you to enter the verification code to send to the registered email address and the 6-digit code in the google authenticator app. You follow the steps shown below.

1.Press the button “send code” to the email.

2.Fill in the code received from the email in the box.

3.Fill in the 6-digit code in the google authenticator app.

4.Press the “Submit” button.

How to verify a successful Binance account

4.1.2 – Secure with SMS

To ensure that you have absolute use of binance’s security features so you need to secure your SMS, which binance will send a code to your phone message.

Now at the admin page you choose to enter your account -> “security” -> you find “SMS authentication” -> “On” as shown below.

How to verify a successful Binance account

In the next step, you manipulate the sequence number as shown below:

1. Select your country.

2. Fill in the phone number.

3. Press the “send code” button to send the code to the phone number.

4. Fill in the code received from SMS in the box.

5. Press the “send code” button to send the code to email.

6. Fill in the code received from the email in the box.

7. Fill in the 6-digit code in the google authenticator app in the box.

8. Press the “Submit” button to finish.

How to verify a successful Binance account

4.2 – Step 2: Secure 2 layers of email account

The email account you use to sign up for a binance account also needs to have two layers of security, because email is one of the methods of confirming the code sent from binance. So, strengthening 2 layers of security for email is very necessary.

You login to your email and click “account”.

How to verify a successful Binance account

Go to the “2-step verification” section to turn it on and follow the email’s instructions.

ok, you have completed the 2-layer security step for your account.

4.3 – Step 3: Verify the identity of your KYC account on Binance

After you have completed the security steps above, now will guide you through the most important part of this article.

Notes for 100% successful verification:

Your identity documents should be clear, letters, numbers and photos on your papers must be clear and not blurred.

When binance asks you to take portraits and face verification you need to use the webcame, the phone is clear and standing in a well-lit position for the best image clarity.

The reasons for unsuccessful verification are usually because: the declared information does not match the identity document, The images on the ID documents are not clear, The portrait images are underexposed and unclear.

As long as you keep these things in mind, guarantees a successful verification.

At the admin page you click on the account and choose “Identification”.

You press the button “verify” at the basic information.

You select your country and press the “start” button.

you complete and correct the information that matches your identification. For the zipcode, you search google to find the correct place where you live.

4.3.1 – Verify papers

Binance allows you to verify with 3 documents such as ID card, passport, driver’s license.

You can choose “ID card” -> “continue”. Note: your papers need to be clear, clean, and clearly see your serial numbers and portraits. No blurring.

Next, you take a 2-sided photo of the ID and upload to binance -> click “continue”.

4.3.2 – Portrait photography

Once the 2-sided photo download of your ID has been completed, you will be asked to take a portrait photo. Note: you should shoot in a well-lit place for the image to be clear and bright enough.

After that you upload your images and press the button “submit & continue”.

4.3.3 – Verify faces directly on Binance

Now comes the direct face verification step, this step many of you often fail to verify or verification is denied many times.

The reason is because:

1: you sit in a dimly lit place.

2: you perform an action that does not comply with the requirements of binance (operations such as: smiling, looking left, looking to the right, opening your mouth, …)

3: you do not comply with binance’s requirements such as: No hat, no glasses, no filters (effects function on camera), …

Ok, when you know the reasons for the rejection, do the perfect way to get verification done quickly. Now click on the “start verification” button to begin the process. Or you can click on “use mobile phone” to use phone to scan QR and do verification on binance app on your phone.

5. Conclusion

Thus, has completed the instructions on how to verify the most detailed binance account and full of information for you to make. Wish you successful practice. If you have any difficulty during the verification process, please comment below, will reply you soon.

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