What is AION coin? Learn the basics of AION

What is AION coin? This is a coin of the AION Network blockchain network. Before that the AION network was operated on the ethereum blockchain with the ERC-20 standard. However, on April 25, 2018, AION successfully launched the mainet and officially separated from the ethereum blockchain to operate on its own AION network blockchain platform.

What is AION coin

1 – What is AION coin?

As mentioned above, This was previously a token of the AION project, since it previously ran on the ethereum blockchain so it was just a token, not a coin.

On April 25, 2018 AION successfully launched its own mainet, Blockchain AION Network, at this time AION token was officially AION crypto.

The basic parameters of the AION coin are as follows:

  • Symbol: AION.
  • Blockchain platform: AION network.
  • Consensus mechanism: PoW + PoS + PoI.
  • Token type: Coin / Mineable.
  • Mining algorithm: Equihash (210,9).
  • Token standard: AION token Standard (ATS).
  • Block average time: 10s.
  • Block reward: 1.5 AION.
  • Total Supply: 465,934,587 AION.
  • Circulating Supply: 309,581,662 AION.

2 – What is AION?

AION is a 3rd generation blockchain technology platform with the aim of increasing the interaction, privacy, and scalability of communication connected with other blockchain platforms.

3 – What is AION coin used for?

The AION coin is a means of keeping it active within the AION Network blockchain. This is used for the following purposes:

Used to pay transaction fees in the AION Blockchain Network platform.

Used to pay for smart contracts.

Used as a block reward for those participating in miners.

4 – Development team

What is AION coin

The development team includes:

Matthew Spoke: is the person responsible for the construction and development of the AION ecosystem.

What is AION coin

And other members with many years of experience in blockchain such as: Jin Tu, Kesem Frank, Karim Zeine, Kimberly Luu, Alexandra Roatis, Ali Sharif, Chris Lin, …

5 – Conclude

Hopefully, the above article has brought you the most complete information about the Aion project as well as the AION cryptocurrency. Consider, evaluate the project and make yourself decide whether to invest in or not?

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