What is Bounty? Ways to make money from the crypto market without capital

What is Bounty? This is a new concept to the newbies, but the concept has been around for a long time in the cryptocurrency market. This is the form of registration on duty to receive free tokens/coins from projects.

what is bounty

1 – What is Bounty?

Bounty is a form that projects issuing tokens use to promote, reach out to the community, and communicate to many people by giving away free tokens to participants doing tasks as required by the project. .

In addition to promotion purposes, project owners also want more people to hold their tokens. Because the more people hold, the more valuable the token.

The tasks are usually like, share, translate articles, write articles, etc. Then the project pays you a corresponding amount of tokens.

The number of tokens participating in the task will be sent to the wallet by the project, until the token is officially listed on a large and valuable exchange, it can be sold to make a profit.

Conversely, if the project fails, the tokens held by the users will have no value.

In addition to the bounty form, there is another form that is easier to do than the Airdrop, you can learn more in the article below.

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2 – Things to have when doing bounty

You need the following accounts: facebook, twitter, email, medium, telegram, ETH coin wallet, linkedin, bitcointalk, discord, github, instagram.

3 – Notes

There are many bounty projects in the crypto market. You need to carefully research the information of the project before doing it to avoid wasting time on potential projects.

The quest requirements of the bounty form will be more difficult than that of the Airdrop form. Usually you will have to report the previous task. If you miss 1 week of not reporting, your previous results will be deleted by the project. Looks like you have to start over.

The accounts participating should be very secure, especially not providing the wallet password to store coins or send coins to the project.

4 – Where to find bounty projects

The place where you can find bounty projects is bitcointalk.org forum

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