What is coin money in Cryptocurrency? Should we invest to get rich? Is there a scam?

What is coin money in Cryptocurrency? Coin the term money appeared very long ago, but few people understand what is its nature. Those who do not understand coin often call it with a so-called “virtual money” which is quite negative.

what is coin money

1 – What is coin?

Coin is the common name of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, cardano, …

In addition, these cryptocurrencies are also known as cryptocurrencies. In short, coin or crypto are the names that generally refer to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a currency developed by computer algorithms that are operated on the blockchain distributed data recording technology.

Those who do not understand technology often call Coin, crypto is “virtual money”, because they think that what can not be held in hand will be called virtual.

But in reality, in professionals and professional investors they call this cryptocurrency. Because this currency has been traded by the large community around the world.

More specifically, more than 122,000 businesses and large corporations around the world have accepted to use bitcoin as a payment method for their products / services such as Namecheap, hawkhost, microsoft corporation, …

what is coin money

According to statistics from coinatmradar.com, there are more than 18,000 cryptocurrency ATMs in more than 70 countries worldwide.

what is coin money

As you can see, coin, crypto, in general, cryptocurrencies are gaining world recognition. This is the trend of the future, whether you deny it or even hate it, it will continue to grow.

2 – The purpose of the first coin

The first coin that was born in 2009 was Bitcoin (BTC), developed by an anonymous programmer called satoshi nakamoto.

He described bitcoin as a P2P peer-to-peer system, which is decentralized, cannot be tampered with, has no third-party controls or powerful organizations.

This problem is to solve the negative fraud when money is held by a certain organization that prints money in bulk, causing inflation.

Typically in the history of the Zimbabwean government that printed money innocently and caused hyperinflation, 1 billion Zimbabwe could only buy a loaf of bread.

In short, the original purpose of the birth of bitcoin was to demonstrate that a currency operated on a computer system helped limit the possibility of inflation.

3 – Missed opportunities in the past

In January 2017 Bitcoin (BTC) was priced> 1,000 $ until April 2021 at the time of writing this Bitcoin (BTC) was priced> 50,000 $.

So you can see, if you bought 1 bitcoin in 2017, now your assets have increased a lot.

4 – Investment results of cryptocurrencyin4.com team

Seizing the market opportunity in March 2020 team cryptoin4.com we invested $ 5000 in 10 coin holdings for 1 year, until March 2021 we sold out to take profit. earned $ 64,000.

Here is a summary of the return on investment in 10 coins of our team.

The balance of 10 Bitcoin exchange (BTC) we hold in our wallet.

5 – Should we invest? Is there a scam?

The nature of coins in particular and the crypto market in general is not a scam. But there are organizations that rely on market information to draw projects of bogus coins to deceive users.

Because the market is new, when it comes to information that a project is fraudulent, most people think that investing in coin is a scam.

There are also scams in the real estate market. Organizations that draw bogus planning projects to short-sell to customers.

Thus, you can see that any market will have a scam if you do not have the knowledge and greed.

As for answering the question “should invest or not” is very difficult to answer. We do not give investment advice to you. Based on the information in the article, each individual will have their own answer.

6 – Where should new investors start investing?

For newbies, you first need to know how to register a Binance account, verify and transact on Binance.

Next, you need to check out the categories for Beginner to understand the background.

7 – Conclusion

Through the information in this article, you should have understood what the concept of coin is, right? Thank you for reading this article!

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