What is CRO Coin? Find out some outstanding information about the Crypto.com Chain project

What is CRO Coin? The Crypto.com project is known as a debit card issuer and mobile wallet solution. With crypto.com, users can use it to spend and pay quickly and conveniently. In addition to the payment spending function, users can also earn money on each transaction when using crypto.com cards.

What is CRO Coin

1 – What is CRO Coin?

CRO Coin denotes CRO, this is a token of the Crypto.com project developed on the ethereum blockchain platform according to ERC-20 standards. Some basic information is as follows:

Symbol: CRO.

Decimal: 18.

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Token standard: ERC-20.

Token type: Utility token.

Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000 CRO.

Circulating Supply: 7,522,831,050 CRO.

2 – Learn some information about the Crypto.com Chain project

2.1 – What is the Crypto.com Chain Project?

Crypto.com’s predecessor was formerly known as Monaco. Then in 2018 Monaco acquired the domain name Crypto.com from there officially rebranding to date.

This project is developed on the Blockchain platform of ethereum with a token of CRO, the project is mainly optimized to focus on the payment segment.

2.2 – What problem does the Crypto.com Chain project want to solve?

The outstanding problems in the traditional fiat payment system exist such as: centralized control by organizations, high costs, and inability to integrate cryptocurrency payments.

Because of these issues, the crypto.com chain project wishes to popularize consumer payments in life with cryptocurrency by issuing the MCO Visa payment card.

2.3 – What is the Crypto.com Chain project’s CRO token used for?

In the Crypto.com ecosystem, CRO tokens are used to serve the following issues:

Used as a reward for verifying and processing transactions in the network.

Used as a transaction fee in the network.

Used to reduce transaction fees for services in the network.

Used as a medium of payment with other assets.

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