What is Mainnet? How does the mainnet affect the value of new coins?

What is Mainnet? Those who invest in ICO project coins cannot help but learn this concept. This is one of the very important factors affecting the value of newly released coins. In today’s article, we will learn this term together!

What is Mainnet

1 – What is Mainnet?

Mainnet stands for main network which means official network. After a successful testnet, it is the official blockchain version.

When an ICO coin project announces the official main network release, it means that the coin has gone through the testnet process to check for errors and work perfectly. Now the data of the blockchain protocol is officially recorded on the blockchain.

However, the mainnet will have 2 cases: the protocol is built on the private blockchain or the protocol is built on the blockchain of a 3rd platform like Ethereum.

Typically, the LINK (chainlink) project has implemented the main network on the blockchain platform of ethereum.

2 – How does the mainnet affect the value of new coins?

The mainnet is a very important factor for both coin investors and project owners.

For investors, when the ICO coin is officially released to the main network, the value of the coin they invest will definitely increase very strongly. At this point, they can sell to lock in profits or continue to hold depending on the potential capacity of the project.

For project owners, when the testnet is successful, they release the main network, which brings both value to the project and also proves to the investment community to see the development potential of the project.

3 – Conclude

Above is an overview of what the Mainnet is and its effects and impacts on a digital currency project. However, not every main network is a good project by default, so please consider it when making your investment decisions. See you in the next posts!!!

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