What is NEO coin? Summary of some outstanding information about NEO

What is NEO coin? In early 2014 NEO started to develop, it is considered as the ethereum of China because its platform offers and supports more languages than ethereum.

What is NEO coin

1 – What is NEO coin?

It is the coin that represents governance and is a native token in the NEO network.

The purpose of using it is to change the parameters inside the network, to raise capital with NEO when issuing tokens using the NEO platform, to provide developers of testnet projects on NEO.

The smallest unit of NEO is 1, which means it cannot be further subdivided. In NEO’s ecosystem, there is not only NEO coin, but also NEO Gas. NEO Gas will talk below, and now we take a look at some basic information of NEO coin as follows:

Symbol: NEO.

Blockchain platform: NEO blockchain.

Token Type: Governing Token.

Total supply: 100,000,000 NEO.

Circulating Supply: 70,538,831 NEO.

2 – What is NEO Gas?

As mentioned above, in NEO’s network there is not only NEO Coin but also NEO Gas with different uses. NEO Gas is actually a Native token in the network.

The NEO Gas token in the NEO network is used for purposes such as to pay fees for smart contracts, to pay fees for token storage, to use dApps on NEO, to provide programmers testnet programmer on NEO.

Unlike NEO coin, the unit of NEO Gas that is divisible is 0.00000001 GAS.

Some basic information of NEO Gas is as follows:

Symbol: GAS.

Blockchain platform: NEO Blockchain.

Token type: Utility token.

Total supply: 17,190.378 GAS.

Circulating Supply: 10,128,375 GAS.

3 – What is the NEO project?

NEO is a community-driven open project, which is a distributed network for Smart Economy. NEO uses the power of Blockchain and digital authentication to digitize assets and manage assets through smart contracts.

4 – Features of the project NEO

Reducing energy costs ensures platform operation.

Faster processing than other blockchains using smart contract technology.

Most of NEO supports popular programming languages.

5 – Advantages of the project NEO

There are partners and investors are 2 corporations Microsoft and Alibaba.

Supports multiple digital assets.

Fast transaction processing speed up to 1000 TPS.

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