What is NPXS coin? Some basic information about NPXS coin

What is NPXS coin? This is a token of the Pundi X project, which issues an ICO right at a time when the crypto market is struggling. However, the project still called capital amounted to 35 million USD. In today’s article we will learn about the NPXS coin of this Pundi X project!

What is NPXS coin

1 – What is NPXS coin?

NPXS coin is the token of the Pundi X project that is run on the ethereum blockchain technology platform.

2 – What is Pundi X?

Pundi X is a platform that provides automatic payment support by swiping the card (POS) similar to the usual visa swip that we are using. This platform aims to optimize payment performance and simplify the approach.

In the system of this Pundi X project there are 3 main components: Pundi X platform, e-wallet, payment system.

Pundi X distributes POS machines in places that support NPXS token payments.

3 – NPXS development team

Pundi X’s development team brings together talented individuals in business and technology such as: constantin papadimitriou – kiki, zac cheah, huang pu, Danny Lim, …

4 – The Pundi X platform

4.1 – Pundi X E-wallet

With Pundi X’s e-wallet will help simplify the task of managing and storing private keys and public keys. With the expectation of attracting a large number of new users.

4.2 – Card payment system

Pundi X will develop a separate payment card called XPASS, which will work in tandem with the Pundi X e-wallet. This allows the user to pay for deposits or subtractions via card after which the amount will be deducted from your personal wallet. Basically, the form of payment is the same as you swipe your regular visa card.

With such a card payment system, Pundi X’s ambition wants to bring cryptocurrencies used for payments into real life like the current government’s fiat currencies.

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