What is Qtum coin? Hybrid Blockchain Application Platform

What is Qtum coin? This is a combination of Bitcoin’s UXTO and Ethereum’s EVM, established in 2017 in Singapore. The purpose of qtum is to bring together the advantages of bitcoin and ethereum in one block.

What is Qtum coin

1 – What is Qtum coin?

Qtum coin denoted QTUM is a cryptocurrency of the Public Blockchain platform Qtum released by the Qtum Foundation in 2017.

Previously, Qtum was built and operated on ethereum’s blockchain technology platform with ERC-20 standard.

September 13, 2017 Qtum successfully deployed mainnet and officially moved to operate on its own platform called Public Blockchain Qtum.

Some information of Qtum is as follows:

Symbol: QTUM.

Blockchain platform: Quantum (Qtum).

Consensus Mechanism: PoS (Proof of Stake).

Token Type: Coin.

Token standard: QRC20, QRC721.

Total supply: 100,000,000 QTUM.

2 – What is Qtum?

“Qtum” or “Quantum” is an open blockchain project founded and developed by the Qtum Foundation company, which is headquartered in singapore. This project is built on the transaction model of UTXO Bitcoin and EVM of ethereum.

3 – What is Qtum coin used for?

When transacting in Qtum’s network, qtum coin is used as a payment fee.

Qtum coin is also used as a block reward for staking nodes.

4 – Outstanding features of Qtum

Qtum helps manage the lifecycle of smart contracts (smart contracts) in cooperation with various academic departments to help standardize work.

Qtum is set industry standards through 3rd party partners, supplying a wide variety of industries.

Qtum supports well on smart mobile devices.

Qtum is cross and backward compatible with ethereum and bitcoin contracts.

5 – The development team of Qtum

Qtum owns a strong, passionate and dedicated staff. Among them are names such as:

  • Anthony Di Iorio – Founder of the Ethereum brand
  • Chen Weixing – Owner of Didi Chuxing (The company that knocked out the strong Uber brand in China)

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that is not in charge of any company, individual or organization. All the success that the organization achieves is due to the contributions of a large community. But mainly investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and large technology corporations behind such as Alibaba, Baidu …

Moreover, Qtum is a cryptocurrency that receives the absolute support of the “old people” in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, Qtum can squeeze through the narrow door to be able to develop fair competition with any coin available on the market today.

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