What is Sand coin? Overview information about Sandbox project and SAND coin

What is Sand coin? This is an ERC-20 token used for the transaction, staking and network administration of the Sandbox project. In this article we will find out the overview information of this project.

What is Sand coin

1 – What is Sand coin?

Sand is a token of the Sandbox project with the ERC-20 standard. This Sand is used for the purpose of transaction, network administration, staking.

2 – What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a virtual world, a network built and developed on top of ethereum’s blockchain technology. In addition, Sandbox also allows users to collect tokens in the ecosystem.

The Sand of this project can also be used for in-game transactions to give gamers a better experience. Moreover, in the distant future as you can see, Sand is a kind of payment means that can use real life payments and digital products like games.

In addition, users can create digital assets in the form of tokens integrated into the games in their “game maker” ecosystem to bring them to market.

3 – Products in the Sandbox ecosystem

In the ecosystem of sandbox there are 3 main outstanding products that are voxel editor, marketplace, game maker.

What is Sand coin

3.1 – VoxEdit

What is Sand coin

VoxEdit is a software suite that users can use to create and make 3D animations. After users create these 3D animations, they can upload to the “Marketplace” in the Sandbox ecosystem to turn them into game properties.

3.2 – Marketplace

What is Sand coin

Marketplace allows users to upload (upload) and publish game assets (ASSET) they created in the VoxEdit ecosystem before.

But these ASSETs, after being created, users need to upload to the IPFS (interplanetary file system) registered on the ethereum blockchain to prove that ASSET’s ownership.

3.3 – Game Maker

With the platform “game maker” in the ecosystem of the sandbox will allow users to build free 3D games easily.

4 – Sand coin development team

Sandbox’s project development team includes: Arthur Madrid, Sebastien Borget, Marcelo Santurio, Lucas Shrewsbury, Damian Volantino, Thibault Simar, Nathan Sexer, Pablo iglesias, …

5 – Development roadmap of Sandbox

Third quarter of 2020: Public release of Game Maker beta version, launch of the 4-token LAND presale and release of an upgraded version of Marketplace.

Fourth quarter of 2020: launch Sandbox beta game version, launch a mechanism that allows to earn tokens while playing games, launch multiplayer mode in the game, launch token sale LAND more often, release VoxEdit version 1.0.

2021: Launch of foundation DAO, staking SAND. Release Game Maker 1.0, the sandbox game version. Publish games on phones and tablets. Publish user-created games with multiplayer modes.

2022: Integrating the game into the console. Launched co-build game maker mode.

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