What is Tradingview? Basic tradingview user guide

What is Tradingview? Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the cryptocurrency investment market, you must know the tradingview technical analysis tool. This is an extremely useful tool to help investors come up with the right strategy.

1 – What is Tradingview ?

Tradingview is a website that provides technical analysis tools for those who invest in markets such as stocks, forex, gold, indexes, and even crypto.

Tradingview is both a technical analysis tool and a social network for investors (traders) to share technical analysis with each other.

2 – Basic tradingview user guide

2.1 – Sign up for a tradingview account

First you need to visit Tradingview.com page, you will see 4 Bacsic, Pro, Pro+, Premium account packages. If you do not need to use advanced functions, just choose the Basic package.

What is Tradingview

Next, you use one of the social media accounts that tradingview accepts to register. It is recommended that you use a Google mail account.

What is Tradingview

On the header on the left corner you can change the appropriate language to make it easier to use.

What is Tradingview

2.2 – How to find coin pairs to view information

If you want to find any pair of coins, enter the search box with the syntax “coincoin”. For example, BTCUSDT, means the trading pair between Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

List of coin pairs results with exchange information in the right corner. You select the trading pair corresponding to the exchange you want to see.

To view the full-featured price chart, click the “Full-featured chart” button.

What is Tradingview

Here if you want to customize the indicator parameters, click on the gear icon in the right corner. On the left corner of the screen are toolbars that allow you to draw trend lines, price channels or arrows, etc. for easier analysis.

2.3 – Explaining the components of the tradingview homepage

The interface of tradingview will include 3 main components as follows:

Component 1 – header: this is the element located at the top of the interface, this area will include menus that navigate to other functions and allow you to change the language of the interface.

Component 2 – main content: this is the area located in the center of the screen, containing general information of the market, containing articles from famous traders, etc.

Component 3 – toolbar: this is the area in the right corner of the screen that contains important information to make sure you will not miss it.

2.4 – What functions does the free Basic account package include?

For the basic account package, you can use it for free but will be limited to some advanced functions. Specifically, the basic package you will be able to use the following functions:

+ View all charts.

+ Market data ranges worldwide.

+ Flexible screening tools.

+ More than 50 smart charting tools.

+ More than 100,000 technical instructions.

+ 12 customizable chart types.

3 – Conclude

If you are a newbie or someone who has been involved in investing in the cryptocurrency market, you should also seriously learn how to use tradingview to be able to capture information about the movements of the market.

This tool is an information base to help you make the right investment strategy, smart and effective. When you invest coins and miss this tool, it is like you are betting your money on 1 hand.

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